Looked Around And Saw Blossoms

While Oakland began grieving today, we looked around and noticed all the spring blossoms.  What a relief to see all the seasonal flowering – whether next to highways, in cultivated gardens, or across open spaces.

Poppies Oakland

Our hearty California poppies are making their first appearances in various nooks and crannies.  Take a look at these “jailed poppies,” growing behind a chain link fence right now.

Lupines Oakland

The lupines are also showing up in open spaces and other odd places.  I spotted some of these wildflowers between Highways 24 and 13 today, on a small strip of land.  They were mixed together with the ubiquitous poppies, which were opening too.

Calla Lily Oakland

My personal favorites, the calla lilies, are appearing in gardens everywhere.  They have opened fully and are ready for admirers to ooh and aah.  Here’s a close-up image of this architectural flower.

All these shots were taken by Oaklanders in the past week or so.  Like your neigbhors, consider stopping to appreciate this multi-hued beauty contest.  It’s bound to perk you up.

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