The Risks Of Montclair

What are the risks of Montclair? Let us count the ways that Mother Nature has attacked the village.  While we don’t literally experience the seven plagues, our risks include mudslides, earthquakes and fires.

Perhaps that doesn’t make Montclair unique among California hillside burgs, but it seems like we get more than our fair share of these calamities.

  • Mudslides: In January, we were deluged and several mudslides occurred.  We are still fixing things this fall to beat the rainy season again – including Skyline Drive and Shepherd Canyon.
  • Earthquakes: This year, we only had a few smaller earthquakes rattle through the Village.  Last year, we had a little damage (CBS5 video) in some shops.  We are lucky, because the Hayward Fault runs right through here and is overdue for a good shake-up.
  • Fires: We did receive a scare last June, before the official fire season even began.  This flare-up was contained very quickly, because local fire departments were prepared from the 1991 disaster and other historical fires.

So we live with uncontrollable risks in Montclair, and occasionally suffer the wrath of God – or whomever you believe or don’t believe in.

Cheers and welcome.

-Debby (aka MontclairOak)

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