Oakland Cops Killed In Our Backyard

What a sickening feeling, when we heard that three Oakland police officers were killed today along with one suspect.  Another officer remains in critical condition, and on life support.  Cop killing is rare indeed, and last happened here five years ago.

Two related shoot-outs took place today.  The first shootings occurred near the Eastmont police substation, while the later ones followed the suspect to 74th Avenue.  Check out the battleground in this Google map, below.

Eastmont Mall Area

Of course, this killing spree happened right in our backyard.  If you are a frequent flier, then you typically drive right past the old Eastmont Mall to the Oakland Airport.

We notated this Google map, by tagging Montclair (“A”), Eastmont (“B”) and the Airport (“C”).  The Eastmont area is at the halfway point, and the quickest way over to Hegenberger.

Montclair To Airport

It’s hard to comprehend the senseless killings and mayhem in this place today.  You could start driving on Rt. 880 to the airport, but is that really the right reaction?  These shootings won’t change my route yet, because I think they are just too random and rare.

Maybe this is how people who live in war zones start to feel.  There are some who batten down the hatches and stay in the green zone.  Meanwhile, others ignore the stormy weather and go about their business anyway.

More info:   Check out the Oakland Tribune’s report, several photos which don’t seem real, and early video with Acting Police Chief Jordan.  Also read the San Francisco Chronicle’sreport with updates, and national coverage from the NY Times and AP Wire.

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