Fix Rockridge BART Traffic Snarl

When you are standing on the Rockridge BART platform, all is well and good.   You can peer at beautiful San Francisco views day and night, while waiting for your train.  It’s a different story below the tracks, where all heck is breaking loose from the retrofit project.

Rockridge BART

Over a month ago, BART began their seismic retrofit for the Rockridge station and there have been complaints about traffic problems since then.  Part of south-bound College Avenue has been closed off, and making a left from College Avenue to Keith Avenue is rather difficult.  If there are four cars waiting, then all south-bound traffic is tied up.

One Montclarion suggested quick changes to the traffic light, by providing a longer left turn arrow.  Another idea would be to work on the retrofit after regular work or commute hours instead.  We vote for the traffic light timing change.

BART officials responded and said they were trying to work with the City of Oakland to resolve the issue – because Oakland controls the signal.  With this simple fix, a lot of people will be less angst-ridden!

It always seems to take a while for traffic lights to get adjusted or turned on.  Is anyone from the City listening out there?