Power Outage = Wind + Tree Falls

High winds and downed trees are nothing new for Montclarions.  If you have both of them, then you learn to live with the consequences.  A few folks noticed power outages very early this morning, while others just spotted the news trucks and figured something was up.

KRON Montclair Report - March 9

It turns out the power outages occurred in homes located above Colton and Gaspar – and we believe power has been fully restored already.   PG&E’s first priority was to repair service, and then clear up the trees that caused the damage.

We have spotted PG&E trucks all week around Montclair, not only this morning.  Oakland Public Works trucks have been showing up as well, as they deal with recent drain stoppages or overflows.  Yes, the storms and winds are having their usual – if a bit delayed – seasonal impacts on the hills now.