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I’m excited to share what is happening around Montclair.  We live in a place that is a “great escape,” in my humble opinion.  It’s wonderful to be surrounded by peace, quiet, trees, deer, cool weather, morning fogs, and European-like vistas.  Plus there are a handful of farm animals, squealing here in Oakland.

Why am I blogging?  Well, the opportunity caught my eye because I’m a typical dotcom executive.  Also, I really enjoy the polyglot of humanity in our little neighborhood.  It should be fun to share the everyday joys and woes of our community.

When I think of this neighborhood, its mostly filled with people who care about what they are doing but don’t particularly care about appearances and being noticed!

On the other hand, Montclair’s a place where shopkeepers recognize you and you’re easily “part of the community” whether you have kids, are single, retired, etc.

So, expect to read about what really matters, like food, hiking, seeing movies, and saying hello to all the neighborhood dogs.  Plus anything I overhear at the coffee shops is fair game.

Cheers and welcome.

-Debby (aka MontclairOak)

P.S.  Check out these pages to learn more:  Some Montclair Vibes; The Risks of Montclair; and Montclarions, Speak Up Here.  Or start searching and exploring blog postings from the links, over on the right.

Summer 2010 Update:   Alex Gronke and his team at The Oakbook gladly took the reins here, when Debby Richman moved away from California.  Our mission remains the same, namely covering all-things Montclair.

Summer 2011 Update:   The more things change, and remain.  After Alex moved to AOL’s Patch, Debby picked up the reins from afar.  We post at least once a week.

Summer 2012 Update:   While we’re mostly on hiatus, the site will remain live.  If you would like to become a neighbor-blogger, then let me know.  (Plus you may post events and more, over at

January 2014 Update:   We will keep Today in Montclair live, so you may access all resources and archives.  Since our sharing site ( isn’t getting used anymore, we have taken it offline. 

10 thoughts on “Your Faithful Montclair Blogger

  1. Hey! You moved and I had a heckuva time tracking your blog down again. I’ve never been there but enjoy reading it for some reason, sounds a bit like my burg (Olympia, WA). I’ll keep my fingers crossed the fires don’t become a problem for you.

  2. hi Debby- thanks for doing this!

    I put up one of my own a few years ago – pre-blogging when a cyclist died in front of house:
    Skyline Traffic – Ed Weiss Tragedy

    I also noticed your post on Brubeck’s house – we have possibly the only other such property in this area – tucked away and unknown – not that we are looking for tours of course….

    thought you might enjoy seeing the site (SKY House) we put up on it – we plan to begin renting it for film shoots and executive rentals in the new few months


  3. Debby – I LOVE your blog! You seem to read my mind. Amazing. Maybe you know how frustrated I am that Oakland recently raised the parking meter rates from $1.25/hr to $2.00!! That is absurd. Anyway – keep up the great great work!


  4. Hi Debby –

    Thanks so much for all the work you do here on this site – terrific job! I did have a question – do you know what’s happening with the wine shop that’s been closed for several months? It seems to be in limbo, with the wine still inside. Anyway, thanks again!


  5. Hi Debby,

    Great to meet you at the overlook this morning! I’ll work on my photos and send a link to you. Probably, I’ll put them on my website with a password for our Montclarions to link to. It would be amazing if you would post a link to my website on your blog! Maybe some holiday traffic?


    Barbara Lee

  6. I often think to myself, while wandering the hobbity streets of Montclair, that if Henry David Thoreau had to live in a city district, he’d live in Montclair.

  7. Hi,
    I just signed up and found this page. That is my daughter hanging out with her pig and their pals! I think this was 2 years ago. We are in the Montclair 4-H club. This year she again has a pig, actually 2, and is headed to the fair with them next week. Wish her luck!!

  8. Hi there,
    I am the author of “Twisted Triangle,” the crazy but factual account of a kidnapping, an attempted murder and a lesbian love triangle involving two married FBI agents, Margo and Gene Bennett, and famous novelist Patricia Cornwell. Margo Bennett is now the campus police captain at UC Berkeley (my alma mater, btw) and her story will be featured on an upcoming episode of “On The Case With Paula Zahn” on the Investigation Discovery Channel, at 10 pm on Sunday, July 11. Just thought you might want to know — and possibly blog about this book and/or the upcoming show. This story made international headlines when it first broke, but “Twisted” is the first time Margo’s exclusive story about being abused by her undercover agent husband, who claimed his psyche split after pretending to be a criminal for so many years. Feel free to contact me for details: or check out my web site at I’m a former Bay Area resident and newspaper investigative reporter who now lives in San Diego, where I write books full-time. I met Henry Lee on FaceBook, and that’s how I found your blog!
    Caitlin Rother

  9. Hi Debby,

    We’re glad you’re still hosting this weblog. We’ve enjoyed, and been informed by, all the items you’ve posted over the past few years. It’s people like you who make Montclair a community and not just another place on the map. Our best wishes on your new life away from Oakland.

    Charlie Stephen and Laura Walsh

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