Same Water Main Breaks Again

There’s something unnerving about a water main break.  And when it happens again, almost a year later, you do have to wonder about repairs around here.  This morning, Shelterwood residents experienced their second break!

Montclarion Jennifer Rich provided her eyewitness report:

Just wanted to let neighbors know of the water main break (again!) on Shelterwood Drive and of the road closed until massive hole is repaired (again).  Use alternate route.

Luckily this time neighbors were able to show responders where to shut the line down before emptying out the water tank as they did last year (3 hours worth of rushing water because they couldn’t find the shut down location), so this side of the hill should be fine for water (other than the two homes impacted by the main closure).

At least this go-around, the Shelterwood break resulted in fewer downstream problems.  Residents were more knowledgeable and coordinated with Oakland Public Works, who got things under control more quickly.  Our emergency workers responded and resolved the crisis at hand.

However this repeat break feels vaguely familiar.  Do you remember the annual road flooding in Shepherd Canyon, until the old stream culverts were eventually replaced?  This time, we’re sure that our city can’t afford to investigate or fix any “root causes” of the Shelterwood break.

We live with an aged infrastructure, and will use emergency band-aids for a while.

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