We’re Cutting Back Cops, As Expected

Finally, the City of Oakland reached the end of its 2009-2010 fiscal year.  At the City Council meeting tonight, which we watched on KTOP, things felt different because decisions simply had to be made.  A proposal actually passed!

As expected, Council members pretty much voted for the budget-balancing proposal on the floor.  The result was clear:  $11.7 million savings will come from the Oakland Police Department.

In essence, the police leadership has to cut positions or start contributing to pensions.  There were several options put forth, though we think some 80 positions will be eliminated soon.  It’s possible that police could get added back, depending on machinations over voter-approved Measure Y.

Meanwhile in Montclair, there have been rumbles about having private security arrangements – but no groundswell from what we can tell.  No one seems particularly panicked, yet.