Water Main Breaks Off Shepherd Canyon

If you drove down Shepherd Canyon Road this morning, then you were greeted by water flows due to a water main break.  This flooding came from a break on Shelterwood Drive, which effectively closed that road.

Both the Oakland Fire Department and East Bay MUD were on the scene by 9:00 am or so,  gamely trying to control the mess.

Shelterwood Water Main Break

Apparently there was a true gusher from the Shelterwood source.  Water not only flowed downhill to Shepherd Canyon, but also across the street from the Shelterwood intersection.  We’re not sure exactly which homes have no water, but mains have been shut down during the emergency fixes.

“The fireman on the scene told us we should save some water in pots as it may be off for the day,” said Montclarion Jennifer Rich.  “If you believe you might be supplied by this water main, and you’re home, you might want to do the same.”

This is a new one, as it typically takes a little rain to overwhelm the storm drains and culverts.  Guess our old infrastructure can also feel its age on a nice, sunny day.

RSVP:  Anyone with updated news traveling in the area, please let us know if things are under control now.

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