What East Bay Winter Looks Like

Today, we were walking in the hills and experienced the post-rain mists and smells.

There’s special beauty in the East Bay winter, a sparse and somewhat dormant period before full greenery bursts forth.  We noticed a few fall-like colors and, if you suspend reality, some winter-like whites.

This afternoon, we actually found trees with yellow, orange and red leaves!  While this was year-end, the colors screamed fall foliage – though you did have to search for these deciduous trees.

The winter-whites were everywhere, including reedy plants strutting their stuff.  By squinting hard, these feathery plants almost seemed like cast-offs from colossal birds which had migrated overhead.

White brush was plentiful in the hills, too.  When some winds picked up, this brush even looked like a snowstorm in progress.  (Remember, we’re suspending reality here.)

We also discovered a bereft, architectural plant and cast it as our “under-the-microscope” snowflake.  Hey, that’s the best we could do without the real stuff outside.

So today’s winter walk in the hills, around Leona Canyon, boiled down to the little stuff which caught our eye.  The cold, wet and tamped-down environment was beautiful – all courtesy of Ma Nature.

Montclarions’ Entertainment Picks, Survey Here

Let’s have a little fun here, and capture the cultural zeitgeist in Montclair.

Help us discover your favorite singers, actors, flicks, reads, sites and more.  Who or what tops your list this year, this past decade or all time?  Please take this survey.

After you answer these questions, we promise to share results quickly.  You only need to divulge your top entertainment picks, not too tough.  Also we threw in questions about top local eats as well as the years gone by.

Here’s some unsolicited advice to survey-takers.  First remember to respond quickly, because that’s easiest and gets to your heart first.  And also answer honestly:  we think you aren’t telling the truth by listing Foreign Policy as your favorite mag.  Cheers!