Checked Out Mountain’s Graffiti

As promised, we decided to share a handful of spray-painted locations in Montclair Village.  These four photos were taken this afternoon, while checking out some graffiti along Mountain Boulevard.  The vandals certainly took a bit of moxie, not to mention climbing ability, to decorate these top spots.

Just who or what is “SNS,” which was recently sprayed throughout town?  These initials have certainly gotten our attention, starting with the Montclair Village guide next to Lucky’s Supermarket as well as a private building across the street.

On two other private buildings, you see a days-old red graffiti adorning a side wall as well as older blue and black markings on a brick wall.  They are located on exposed reaches between buildings.

We also discovered a completely racist remark sprayed on one of the local street-lights near Montclair Park, but decided the words and image were both too inflammatory for this (or any) site.  You may walk right by and read it at nearly eye-level, though.

During today’s stroll, we opened our “graffiti  radar” for smaller examples.  There are subtle markings in odd places like the back side of Lucky’s behind the big Montclair Park trees, the top of the windows at Montclair Physical Therapy, and the back of buildings visible from the parking garage.

So we wonder what happens when this graffiti lands on private property.  We know it can be reported and that’s fine.  What will motivate all the building owners to clean up after the mess?  Will the owners have to keep cleaning up, over and over?  What a pain, huh.