Montclarions Speak: Singers You Like

Montclarions are more mainstream than we expected, at least when it comes to favorite singers.

A couple weeks back, Today in Montclair conducted a survey and asked about all kinds of entertainment picks.  Now that the Grammy Awards have been doled out, we wanted to see how your singer selections fared.

Your Favorites This Past Year

For male singers, you liked Jason Mraz and Michael Buble best.  Here your tastes matched up with Grammy voters.  Lately, Mraz has stretched out a bit with his jazzier Make It Mine.  And Buble has kept crooning, though we did laugh while watching his not-so-smooth supermarket video:

You also stuck to Grammy winners when declaring favorite group and female singer, respectively.  The Black Eyed Peas have been around for some time, and their I Gotta Feeling was the “let’s party” hit last year.  Of course Taylor Swift broke from the 2009 pack, complete with her sweet and angsty country numbers like You Belong With Me.

Your Favorites Over The Years

There weren’t a lot of alternative rocker or rapper fans here.  Among male singers, you preferred John Mayer and Ben Harper this past decade.  Sting and Michael Jackson hit the radar for your favorite male artists of all time.

You were less unified when picking your favorite females, but Beyonce, Sarah McLachlan and Kelly Clarkson made the list this decade.  Earlier-era favorites included Madonna and Janis Joplin.

Finally, your top groups changed over time too.  Coldplay was the clear pick during the ‘aughts.  Before then, the Beatles and Rolling Stones were your all-timer groups.  And here I thought the Grateful Dead would emerge – no dice.

Montclarions’ Entertainment Picks, Survey Here

Let’s have a little fun here, and capture the cultural zeitgeist in Montclair.

Help us discover your favorite singers, actors, flicks, reads, sites and more.  Who or what tops your list this year, this past decade or all time?  Please take this survey.

After you answer these questions, we promise to share results quickly.  You only need to divulge your top entertainment picks, not too tough.  Also we threw in questions about top local eats as well as the years gone by.

Here’s some unsolicited advice to survey-takers.  First remember to respond quickly, because that’s easiest and gets to your heart first.  And also answer honestly:  we think you aren’t telling the truth by listing Foreign Policy as your favorite mag.  Cheers!