It Can Happen Anywhere

Another four cops, from Lakewood WA, were gunned down a few hours ago.

Because we’re hearing news from Washington State, this ambush occurred at a local coffee shop!  Apparently the shooter ambushed and killed three men and one woman, as they were doing “paperwork” on their laptops.

We feel instant empathy, hearing about the tragedy.  Ed Troyer, from the Pierce County Sheriff’s department, said it was definitely a targeted attack, or “walk in with the specific mindset to shoot police officers.”  The shooter ran away and is still at-large.

Back in Oakland, we’re shaking our heads.  We know, first hand, how it feels when four city officers are gunned down needlessly.  We should definitely reach out and commiserate with folks from the Tacoma area, as their news unfolds.

There’s not much more to share, at this point, than our utter disgust here.  Our society’s become so uncivilized and violent, and this ambush makes no sense.

December 1st Update:  The suspect was shot and killed, by Seattle police.

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