Keeping The Montclair Booksellers Alive

We’re hopeful about the fates of Montclair Village booksellers, A Great Good Place for Books and The Book Tree.  They are settled in our village, ready to support the reading fixes of a degree-laden populous.  Montclarions are lucky to browse and buy so many interesting titles, right here.

Yet retail booksellers are hurting generally, and our local indies must be feeling a little pain too.

Hardcovers At Risk

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article about the price and cultural wars related to hardcover books.  The story starts by featuring our place, A Great Good Place in Montclair Village, where proprietor Kathleen Caldwell says that fully a third of her sales come from hardcovers.

The newspaper of record makes important points about hardcovers and how their distribution is pretty limited.  Apparently a small handful of conservatively-minded, mass titles are discounted heavily and available through places like Walmart these days.  So the Times wonders if independent sellers, like Caldwell, will be able to soldier on.

Oakland Booksellers Hurting

We don’t know whether Oakland indies are hurting a little or a lot, but a major chain is definitely suffering here.  Barnes and Noble, the largest U.S. chain, may close their Jack London Square location by year-end.  The rumored reason is no surprise:  business lost to online discounters like Amazon.

Outside Montclair Village, there seem to be Oakland indies bucking the trend.  Both Diesel and Walden Pond come to mind quickly, since they have interesting titles and deep inventory.  They have many fans and are doing pretty well, right?

We proudly say “no problem” for Montclair’s shops too, as long as we patronize our book gulch on La Salle Avenue.  While these indie booksellers have noticeable challenges from big retailers and online sources, they depend on our reliable business.  And it’s hard to resist stopping by these places and walking out with some find.

Montclair Offers Options

We have two options on La Salle, starting with A Great Good Place. This literary shop is great for more voracious readers, since they host many fascinating authors on their book tours as well as stock up for all the local book clubs.  When asked, Kathleen or her staff suggests titles for you, your family or friends.  Also they offer discounts cards and knock 15% off when you buy online.

Our mass market shop, The Book Tree, is located within the old-timer Montclair Pharmacy.  This bookseller is great for best sellers, and frequently displays discounted “must haves” on their sidewalk table.  They also stock chart-toppers from earlier times, travel guides of every stripe, and all those unmentionable trade/genre paperbacks that are guilty pleasures.

So Montclair Village’s bookstores might be an anachronism.  With two sellers actively competing for our business, there should be critical mass for destination book buyers.  Foot traffic around town is also a key factor, and needs to be continuously boosted by all Montclair merchants.

You probably buy books in many places, but this is a clarion call to help keep our booksellers alive too.  Remember to drop a few dollars in book gulch during the holidays – long live the indies!

2 thoughts on “Keeping The Montclair Booksellers Alive

  1. Join the “Women Who Rock” bookclub on Facebook started by two local women who love to read. We now have 100’s of women worldwide reading together and discussing books on Facebook. Our very own Montclair bookstore, A Great Good Place, offers members a discount to buy our books. Please visit our local bookstores and shop local in Oakland!

  2. Dear Montclair Community,

    Tomorrow, December 4, the Montera 8th grade class is having a fund raiser with the support of A Great Good Place for Books, located in Montclair on 6120 La Salle Avenue. The store will donate 20% of every purchase made between 6:30 and 8:30 tomorrow to the 8th grade. The funds will support the 8th grade picnic, dance and promotion ceremony.

    We will be serving cookies, mini chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, and hot apple cider, and will offer free gift wrapping for all purchases.

    Please join us, and tell your friends, neighbors and family about this opportunity to support the eighth grade class, a generous local business, and get started on your holiday shopping.


    Diana Lee

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