Evidence Of Holiday Cheer Now

Holiday cheer is emerging in Montclair Village, especially this past week.  Shopkeepers seem stocked for their post-Thanksgiving push, which starts on “Black Friday” and shifts into high gear during the Holiday Stroll on December 3rd.

On this cloudy Sunday, we walked around and captured some evidence now.  While we’re far from Park City’s Old Town or anything resembling the North Pole, you can see clues around the local shops and streets.

These snowflakes fell on the La Salle flagpole, located just above the garage.  They look nice against the trees, and may be the only large flakes spotted in the Village.

Holiday banners hang from many light poles, but we like this one best because it matches the red leaves behind it – and proves the decorations are up well before the coldest winter days.

In the stores, it’s easy to find holiday wrapping paper deals…like these five-buck rolls.  You have no reason to complain about waiting or paying extra for fancy wrapping services.

Need holiday tchotchkes?  There are plenty at Madison, Hallmark and many other places.  Get a couple of those red and green elf hats or animal slippers for the kids.  Again, everything’s sold for bupkas.

Every holiday season, Montclair Sporting Goods stocks high-style coats, jackets, sweaters and fleeces – and it’s like shopping at Tahoe or Colorado resort boutiques without the crush.  The buyer showed us very cool stuff and reported that items are selling well.

Merry whatever, and start gearing up…recession or not.