Happy Halloween Means A Parade

2009 Parade Update:  This year’s Parade was a great success!  It took place on October 30th, through the streets of Montclair. Please see coverage, including snapshots, of the award-winners and VIP paraders.


In Montclair Village, Halloween means it’s time for a parade plus a pumpkin or two.

Parade Details: Remember to dress up your kids and parade them through town on Friday, during the Lions Club event.  Paraders should meet at the Bank of America office, next to Lucky’s Market, at 3:30pm.

Unfortunately, there’s a 70% chance of rain.  So come prepared for the worst, because everyone will be lined up and waiting to see your cute kids.

Besides the parade itself, take time to stroll around downtown.  There will be balloons and treats everywhere.  A Great Good Place for Books (map) will host some characters and welcome trick-or-treaters.

Make sure to stop by Sarber’s Cameras (map) before the parade, too.  The proprietors take free professional pictures of your costumed kids, as part of their Halloween costume contest.  Who can resist this offer?

Pumpkins Proliferating: Of course, the pumpkins have arrived and been placed on many doorsteps.  For the first time, we’re seeing a few political pumpkins showing up.  Have you seen any “Yes We Carve” pumpkins around here?  How many gourds are appearing for Obama versus McCain?

Don’t fret, as it’s not too late for you to politicize your pumpkins.  Just download stencils for Obama, McCain, Biden or Palin at the Better Homes and Gardens site – and follow the instructions there.

Better Homes ran a pumpkin election which allowed visitors to vote for presidential and veep candidates equally.  As of Tuesday evening, Obama came in first and was closely followed by Palin and then McCain.  Biden was a distant fourth in the running.

Official Greetings: Finally, we cannot resist sharing this Happy Halloween sentiment from a holiday-laden rabbit.  The creature seems to be making the e-mail rounds, and I received him from a friend living outside California.

What a classic piece of kitsch, don’t you agree?  The rabbit provides enough good cheer, since he covers us through Halloween, T-Giving and X-Mas.  He doesn’t reflect every holiday, but will do the trick for now.

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