Soft Landing For Montclarions

In this recession, we can only hope that Montclarions have a “soft landing” economically.

Montclarions and all 94611 zip code residents start with a strong foundation.  We’re quite blessed with educational and professional advantages, as compared to other Californians and Americans.

Courtesy of the U.S. Census, the chart above shows the score.  More than a third of us have graduated from college (35%) or grad school (32%) respectively.  We’re about double the college grads and triple the post-grads of everywhere else.

What are we doing with that education?  On the occupational front, nearly two-thirds are managers or professionals (64%) and that’s around double the state and country averages.  A sizable number hold sales positions (21%) as well.

Certainly the correlation between education and employment should be obvious, except that we live in interesting times!  If you’re in financial services or venture-backed companies, it’s already a cold and desolate winter.

I’m hoping that we won’t get hit too hard but haven’t learned much from coffee house chatter.  We discuss the economy, the city budget, gas prices, real estate, and some investments that have gone bust.

However, I’m wondering exactly where and when the recessionary fallout hits us even harder and becomes truly life-changing – or if most of us will experience a soft landing.