What Montclair Might Look Like

Did you see what Montclair might look like with a renewed streetscape?  Recently the Montclair Village Association (MVA) provided some before-and-after images.

Here are the “after” images with various sidewalk, crosswalk and banner concepts superimposed on village streets.  Those banners seem to honor our hills and trees, in purple and yellow hues.  Montclair already feels like a friendlier destination!

At the behest of the MVA, landscape architect Leslie Golden was brought into the planning process early.  Her firm has done all kinds of streetscapes and parks, which reflect the sense of place.  You know that island and palm entrance to the Oakland Airport?  That’s Golden Associates at work.

Anyway, the MVA held initial meetings where Golden was able to solicit ideas from merchants and villagers alike.  She asked what kinds of improvements were desired, and then shared preliminary ideas for our consumption.  The plans were not getting dictated or handed down to us.

A few weeks back, I wondered what would happen next and how improvements might get funded – which was putting the cart before the horse.  We’re not quite ready yet.

“Having a Master Plan to work towards is needed before any funding can be solicited,” explained Roger Vickery, MVA executive director.  The Association is trying to establish a long-term vision, with improvements rolled out over several years.

The MVA is requesting your reactions to the preliminary plans now.  Everything is up for review, right down to Village logos shown on their site.  Please email them at montclairvillage-at-sbcglobal.net.