Montclair Halloween’s Award Winners

Montclarions showed up in droves for today’s Halloween Parade, and were decked out in their finest costumes.  After reviewing all the photos we snapped this afternoon, it’s time to reveal our award winners – including people and pooches.  We hope you enjoy them.

The People

First, we noticed the one-of-a-kind paraders.  This little girl caught our eye several times, as she’s dressed as a cute and colorful flower-child here.  Isn’t she sweet?

Halloween 2009 - Mom and Daughter

Next, these medieval jousters looked ready to go forth and protect the castle.  We watched them sticking together the whole time, and they were a matched pair time-traveling from the Middle Ages.

Halloween 2009 - Jouster Kids

The Pooches

This dog-angel was very energetic and having a very good time, waiting for the parade to begin.  We tried to get her to pose, but realized a more natural photo op was best to share with you.

Halloween 2009 - Angelic Dog

Another pooch, complete with prison garb, really made  me laugh!  Prisoner Number K9 was happily strolling around the Village and inspecting things after the parade was over.

Halloween 2009 - Prison Dog

The Mixed Family

You know that families resemble their pooches, and vice-versa.  Here’s a group of bees, including a mother, son and dog.  Among all the parade attendees, this was the only mixed family to dress completely alike – and they looked great together.

Halloween 2009 - Bee Family

So those are my award winners from this afternoon.  There was an Elvis, a peacock, three Dorothy’s, and too many princesses and firemen to keep count.  We also noticed creepier folks like ghosts, witches and other ghoulish types walking in the light of day.

Mostly we saw many excited kids, who were simply thrilled to be parading and trick-or-treating their way through the Village.  We know tomorrow is the real Halloween, so have a great day!

More info:  Click to read about Montclair Halloween’s VIP Paraders.

Montclair Halloween’s VIP Paraders

Montclair Village celebrated Halloween in fine form today.  With great weather to lure crowds, our small-town parade went off without a hitch.  The parade route began near the Lucky’s Market, proceeding down Mountain, LaSalle, Moraga and into Montclair Park.

Our local VIPs kicked off the parade this afternoon, and we were able to capture all of them.  We felt almost like those TV entertainment reporters, capturing the movers and shakers.  Here’s some photographic proof.

Halloween 2009 - Council Rep Quan

District 4 Council Rep Jean Quan – Pictured above, Jean Quan was handing out California poppy seeds to the awaiting parents and kids who had queued up to parade.  (We nabbed a couple packets at an earlier Farmers Market, though never planted our orange beauties.)  A little while later, Quan kicked off the parade itself.

Halloween 2009 - Dog Mayor

Montclair Mayor Little Bear – Next we see Little Bear, the elected leader serving Montclair District, as the lead pooch drove by.  Several other canine leaders appeared in the next car, including the vice mayor, deputy dog and other cabinet officials.  We eventually met up with Little Bear in person, who was busy reviewing local trees.

Halloween 2009 - Horses Parade

Wells Fargo Horses – What’s a Western parade without some equine presence?  We see the lead horse, followed by four handsome steeds (we think) pulling the old-fashioned Wells carriage.  Our neighbor used to run a stable near Redwood Regional Park, and he told us they used to ride their horses during earlier Halloween parades.

Halloween 2009 - Band Marches

Skyline High School Band – It’s Halloween, so our local high school band came dressed as ghosts and other ghoulish characters.  They performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” which is de rigueur this year.  Here you see the band completing their march down Mountain, as our Oakland policeman looks at what’s next.

Halloween 2009 - Fire Truck

Oakland Fire Truck – We love this close-up of a shiny truck driving down the parade route, as we bowed and gave thanks to these first responders.  After the parade, we chatted with the firemen and asked who had performed the Miss America wave so well.  One fessed up but clarified that we got it wrong – he was doing the Queen Elizabeth version.

Not pictured here? The hundreds of parents and kids who followed these VIP paraders.  Everyone sauntered down the Lions Club parade route, stopping frequently for candy offered by many shop-keepers.  Eventually, the paraders made it to Montclair Park safely – and the 2009 edition of Montclair’s Halloween Eve entered the history books.

More info:  Click to read about Montclair Halloween’s Award Winners.

Happy Halloween Means A Parade

2009 Parade Update:  This year’s Parade was a great success!  It took place on October 30th, through the streets of Montclair. Please see coverage, including snapshots, of the award-winners and VIP paraders.


In Montclair Village, Halloween means it’s time for a parade plus a pumpkin or two.

Parade Details: Remember to dress up your kids and parade them through town on Friday, during the Lions Club event.  Paraders should meet at the Bank of America office, next to Lucky’s Market, at 3:30pm.

Unfortunately, there’s a 70% chance of rain.  So come prepared for the worst, because everyone will be lined up and waiting to see your cute kids.

Besides the parade itself, take time to stroll around downtown.  There will be balloons and treats everywhere.  A Great Good Place for Books (map) will host some characters and welcome trick-or-treaters.

Make sure to stop by Sarber’s Cameras (map) before the parade, too.  The proprietors take free professional pictures of your costumed kids, as part of their Halloween costume contest.  Who can resist this offer?

Pumpkins Proliferating: Of course, the pumpkins have arrived and been placed on many doorsteps.  For the first time, we’re seeing a few political pumpkins showing up.  Have you seen any “Yes We Carve” pumpkins around here?  How many gourds are appearing for Obama versus McCain?

Don’t fret, as it’s not too late for you to politicize your pumpkins.  Just download stencils for Obama, McCain, Biden or Palin at the Better Homes and Gardens site – and follow the instructions there.

Better Homes ran a pumpkin election which allowed visitors to vote for presidential and veep candidates equally.  As of Tuesday evening, Obama came in first and was closely followed by Palin and then McCain.  Biden was a distant fourth in the running.

Official Greetings: Finally, we cannot resist sharing this Happy Halloween sentiment from a holiday-laden rabbit.  The creature seems to be making the e-mail rounds, and I received him from a friend living outside California.

What a classic piece of kitsch, don’t you agree?  The rabbit provides enough good cheer, since he covers us through Halloween, T-Giving and X-Mas.  He doesn’t reflect every holiday, but will do the trick for now.