Favorites Today In Mountain View

After the rains, it was time to get out and enjoy the two-bridge view from Mountain View Cemetery.  We had only ventured to this monumental cemetery with tour groups before, and decided to visit untethered this afternoon.

Today in Mountain View, we were able to wander around and take in the whole place.  It was a wonderful experience, though we naturally started at Millionaires Row and paid homage to chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli before walking up and down the hillsides.

We’ll spare you the gorgeous views (!) and share our three favorite memorials.

We came upon this very cool family memorial, with tablets arranged around the cross rather than lined up on the group plot.  It reminded me of a Swiss mountain top, complete with that large cross and a rocky jumble.  The Wetherbee clan will never be forgotten by Mountain View visitors!

While walking downhill, one of the stones just looked unnatural among the traditional neighbors.  On inspection, we discovered a stone tree trunk with the branches chopped off.  The memorial honored a lumberjack named Jesse L. Smith, with this inscription:  here rests woodman of the world.

Nearby was a monumental pillar and statue that could have been honoring a U.S. founding father.  Tip of the hat to one Dr. Washington Ryer, a 19th century New Yorker who practiced medicine in California.  He was a pillar of the community, so there’s nothing wrong with ostentatious displays for eternity.

While Mountain View Cemetery has interesting memorials and a storied history, it’s not frozen in time.  Today I ran across some bereaved parents honoring their 32-year-old daughter.  “I come here twice a week to tend,” explained the father, “because the grass grows so quickly during the spring.”  Her grave was properly situated at a high point with great views, and festooned with lovely flowers.

It was a beautiful and peaceful day in these hills – stop by for a walk sometime.

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