Surreal Look At Local Car Crash

Tonight we experienced a bad rush hour, complete with a near-stoppage around 6 pm.  As we headed southbound on Highway 13, shy of the Moraga-Thornhill exit, a local car crash came into view.  Just awful!

We first noticed a fire truck on the northbound side, and then the evidence right outside our window.  It was tempting to stop, snap and gawk, but impossible with a single lane of traffic open.  So here’s a surreal and blurry image, and you’ll have to use your imagination.

Only the smashed-up car remained, awaiting a tow.  The driver and/or passengers had already left the scene, likely getting some medical attention at a nearby hospital.

After we exited the highway, CBS Radio began blaring the stoppage news in their traffic update.  And now you have the rest of the story from Montclair Central, over and out.

When Three Cops Hang Out

Not much of a headline here, but there was something very comforting about seeing three local cops hanging out at our coffee place last night.  Yet they weren’t chilling with their dinner salads.

Instead this trio was deep in discussion, much like any work colleagues getting together.  While I wanted to overhear them, I failed miserably in my attempts to play undercover agent.

Every so often, a word or two floated over to my side of the coffee shop.  My sense is these police were chatting about subjects like performance tracking.  They were definitely in lean-forward mode – and trying to figure out how to get some stuff done.

I admit to feeling a little glow of security, with all the officers nearby.  On reflection, I also felt empathy for what they needed to accomplish.  How can any cops really be effective with the continued, steady beat of crimes around here?

On that note, some Montclarions are having a rough time lately.  There’s a new wave of car windows broken, things stolen from cars and even stolen cars.  One neighbor mentioned running after someone who was aiming to steal more the other night, but the potential perp sprinted away.

It’s a big deal when you have been violated, regardless of the overall stats and response rates.  There’s not much you can do without garages to hide your cars.  While we assume all this activity has already been reported to the police, it dampens the spirits far more than the rains.

Still there’s no question that our cops seemed to care, as I watched them huddle last night.