Flies And Showers Bring Flowers

Yesterday, our seasonal eruption of flies arrived inside the house.  We forget about these buzzers all year, and so are surprised when they re-emerge from…wherever.

Flies and showers bring spring flowers, so we took a quick spin around the garden this morning.  Sure enough, the flowers had started to burst forth and here’s a little picture proof.  First, we snapped the pretty blue buds alongside the garden steps.

Then we noticed the calla lilies.  While most of the lilies stayed all curled up, a handful of these architectural beauties had begun strutting their stuff.

We thought the entire garden was starting to look quite sweet, with a profusion of colors from flowers, bushes and trees.  Here’s a nice garden mix of spring whites and pinks.

Anyway, we’re more than willing to put up with the flies to get our just rewards.  For carpetbaggers who grew up elsewhere, the East Bay spring will never, ever get old.

And those flies?  At least the indoor visitors all bit the dust after inhaling our carcinogenic sprays.  We’ll keep this up for a day or two and they should be vanquished – or at least cavorting with the flowers instead.