Surreal Look At Local Car Crash

Tonight we experienced a bad rush hour, complete with a near-stoppage around 6 pm.  As we headed southbound on Highway 13, shy of the Moraga-Thornhill exit, a local car crash came into view.  Just awful!

We first noticed a fire truck on the northbound side, and then the evidence right outside our window.  It was tempting to stop, snap and gawk, but impossible with a single lane of traffic open.  So here’s a surreal and blurry image, and you’ll have to use your imagination.

Only the smashed-up car remained, awaiting a tow.  The driver and/or passengers had already left the scene, likely getting some medical attention at a nearby hospital.

After we exited the highway, CBS Radio began blaring the stoppage news in their traffic update.  And now you have the rest of the story from Montclair Central, over and out.

One thought on “Surreal Look At Local Car Crash

  1. I don’t know what was going on yesterday, but traffic seemed f’d up all over. I was stuck in Orinda coming back on 24 at 5 – traffic was backed up all the way to Orinda. You usually only get this on Fridays with baseball or football games going on. All around Oakland that night, heavy traffic.

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