It Was Late In The Evening, At 8pm

Last night, several of us had gathered in downtown Montclair after work.  We were “doing good” for a local non-profit, and making some decisions about our online tactics.

Then the clock struck 8pm, and our carriage turned into a pumpkin.  All the third-place places on Antioch and Mountain row were closing up – and we were bereft.

Horrors of horrors! We realized there would be no regular drip of WiFi ’til the morning light.  And we headed to the lonely street.

So where do you spread out, grab a coffee, and get down to work?  Without a hotspot from Metro or Peet’s, the only open place nearby was El Agavero.  Luckily they were gracious, even though we rang up a minor tab.

In most cosmopolitan reaches, that 8pm bewitching hour is earlier than suppertime –  but not here.  Welcome to Oakland, the city that gets its sleep.

2 thoughts on “It Was Late In The Evening, At 8pm

  1. Yeah, I would really support a good wifi area in the evening, a place that comes alive in the evening. Also a place for people, student to hangout and study. It would be a great escape with taste for a late night study / reading or wifi surfing in Montclair. Its a thought, a wish, a dream…

  2. I could not agree more – once you have ‘done Crogans’ what else are you to do but drive down the hill. Hope rises as a “branded” wine bar opens – however – it closes at what – 8? and does not resemble a wine bar…kind of a coffee-wine-take-=out fusion; Great nearby sushi place is on the way – opportunities abound for anyone who is still investing in food and beverage operations.

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