Have You Lost A Pet Bunny?

On a kinder and gentler note for year-end, some Montclarions began spotting a domesticated bunny around the Merriewood area yesterday.

The bunny rabbit was friendly and well-acculturated to humans.  One neighbor even had sufficient time to take a picture this afternoon – and you can see the cutie comes from central casting.

So we believe that someone nearby has lost their bunny!  At this point, there’s been a missive placed on Craigslist, but some additional bull-horning might help the cause:

This little guy showed up in our front yard about a half hour ago.  The bunny is very friendly and calm, and ate a carrot and had some water.  If it’s yours, or if you know who it belongs to, please let us know. We live in the Merriewood area of Montclair.

Email:  comm-rhm73-1532341094@craigslist.org

We hope this bunny finds its way back home, for the New Year.

January 3rd Update:  The bunny alert has worked!  Two friendly bunnies were found and taken into foster care, on Merriewood and Nottingham.  The owner of the bunnies was identified, and lives on Valley View.  We believe that foster parents are connecting with said owner this afternoon.  All is well in the world.

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