Happy Holidays In Bloom

Especially as we sat and listened to the rest of the country’s weather woes, complete with white-outs and travel disasters, we’re very appreciative of this glorious Christmas Day.

We wandered around outside and generally basked in our amazing weather today.  The skies were blue and windless, without any real nip in the air.

Looking a little more closely, the winter flowers were starting to emerge.  Today, we noticed the flowering camellias for the first time.  Here’s a bunch that already bloomed.

Meanwhile, the citrus were doing a-okay.  We thought the fruit might not make it, due to freezing weather this month.  But the citrus didn’t appear to suffer.

There’s no climate complaining here.  Yet it’s too bad that wood-burning fires were verboten, courtesy of today’s Spare The Air Day.  We just checked out the classic Yule Log TV, on KOFY 20, for a good laugh instead.

Anyway, we hope you had a great holiday in bloom.

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