Where The Oakland A’s Belong

Yeah, we think the Oakland A’s belong in Oakland.  The  ballpark should be in a spiffy new Oakland location, and any of the three suggested sites would be just fine for us.

As you likely know, the jury’s out right now.  Major League Commissioner Bud Selig and his committee are busy scratching their heads about the right city and locale.

While we get that decisions revolve around the almighty dollar, we don’t exactly understand what drives this Major League Baseball choice.  So here are a few profound questions and thoughts for Commish Selig:

  • Do you know the way to San Jose? Apparently the A’s co-owner, Lew Wolff, wants to head south.  We don’t know how you feel, but it is definitely too damned hot in San Jose during the summer.  Both players and fans would show up at the ballpark and prepare for a sauna there, ugh.
  • Why give no-mans-land Fremont a chance? We’re not sure if this option is live, as Fremont plans fell apart earlier this year.  The Fremont A’s would counterbalance the NUMMI plant closing news.   Yet it’s tough to understand why you would prefer settling by this, um, highway exit.
  • Why is Oakland there for you? Well, we’re a real place that doesn’t need to offer directions.  (Oakland also has a friendly city theme song, but we digress.)  Jack London Square North seems to be where Tribune survey-takers want to go, so give that serious consideration along with Victory Court and Howard Terminal.

For Oaklanders, it’s easy to take a hometown team for granted.  Let’s make a pact here:  to attend more games in the future.  At this point, we’ll need to sit tight and see how this all plays out – and hope the A’s stay home.

December 12th Update:  Oaklandish is now selling t-shirts declaring “Keep Baseball in Oakland.”  Half the proceeds go to local Little League scholarships, and you may buy one here.

One thought on “Where The Oakland A’s Belong

  1. Our family (my parents and four kids) moved to Oakland in 1968, the same year as the A’s arrived. I remember that my folks used to drop my brother and me off at the Coliseum on Saturday mornings. We’d buy a ticket in the bleachers and enjoy a game for just a few bucks. (Including a hotdog and some peanuts.) I loved that team. Joe Rudy, Campy Campineris, Sal Bando, Blue Moon Odom. Over the years they gave us some good baseball. But I have to say that the Oakland Coliseum is a lousy venue. I like the Victory Court suggestion. Somewhere within walking distance of Adams Point (my soon-to-be-new stomping grounds) would be nice.

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