Rains: So Far, So Good?

In our Montclair neighborhoods, we are seeing the expected overflows from a rainstorm.  So far, so good in my local hills…but yours may be behaving differently.

From this first image, you can see the smaller streams heading downhill.  Like other well-known spots in Montclair, Valley View always produces some overflows when it rains. This particular storm drain just can’t take the load.

Hills Overflow 1 - Oct 13, 2009

During more intense storms, the water simply follows gravity and cascades down the streets.  In this second image, you see the sheeting effect of the water. The temporary river is many times wider than the open ditch on the roadside, which only channels a small stream.

Hills Overflow 2 - Oct 13, 2009

While this flooding is typical, we’re not sure how everyone is faring in the hills. There could be water-logged spots that are now causing more severe damage, with continued storming. Meanwhile the crews are out in force, trying their best.

October 14th Update: We’re experiencing a power outage in the northern reaches of Montclair. Last night, a tree fell and left a Merriewood street light dangling in mid-air. Neighbors heard the transformer blow and still await power restoration. (This update comes from a blackberry.)

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