One Last Parking Deal In Our Village

Ever since the meter rates increased, we have made a habit of using the Montclair Village garage, sandwiched between Medau Place and La Salle Avenue.  After all, the City of Oakland charged only $1.25/hour there!

This week, the City inevitably got around to raising the rate which now matches the $2.00/hour meters.  I still believe the garage is very handy because you don’t have to futz with time limits.  Plus that cashier with the cool, long fingernails is very nice.  Is that enough?

Monthly Parking Only

Well, there’s one last parking deal in our village. Our garage offers a monthly rate, though I don’t know how many people take advantage of this flexible deal.  If you spend at least 45 hours parked in Montclair, then it makes sense to plunk down $90/month.

We like the idea of paying for nearly unlimited hours, but don’t spend sufficient time to achieve break-even.  However for “parking flakes” who forget the time and get nailed with fines, this $90 monthly fee might be a better kind of ticket.