Relief, Only A Four-Hour Conflagration

Do you hear our collective sigh of relief?  Our first responders performed so well on the Orinda fire today, after brush fueled a rapidly-spreading fire near Fish Ranch Road.  This 30-acre or so fire was reported at 3pm and out by 7pm – and that’s a truly rapid response.

Fish Ranch Fire - Sept 2009

What or who showed up? Well, this Orinda fire was declared a two-alarmer.  According to a local fire chief, there were 120 personnel, 32 fire apparatus (we think this means trucks), two helicopters and four fixed-wing aircraft.  The final tally will be out soon enough.

When you see all the standard fire-fighting maneuvers underway, it still creates a queasy feeling.  After all, we are now living in the dead of Fire Season:  (1) it’s September; (2) it’s bone dry; (3) winds have kicked up; and (4) it’s been 18 years since the last big one.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for now.  Although we’re definitely better prepared than ever, Ma Nature isn’t controllable – and we all know that!

More info:   The online video resources made it easy to keep tabs on this fire today.  Tip of the hat to KTVU which took great footage from their traffic copter – see this raw footage and later report.  Also the Oakland Tribune included photos and video.  The news is duplicated everywhere, with key links here to ABC7’s report and raw footage (great); CBS5’s article and video; and KRON’s video (requires search).

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