We Get The Money Views In Oakland

When living in the Oakland Hills, you get the “money views” of the Bay Area.  You may see local trees and hills, which seem like Europe.  You may glimpse the open waters of San Francisco Bay.  You may look at the Marin and Mt. Tam horizon.

However our favorite, endlessly changing view is due West.  Many of us can walk onto our decks and gaze from Oakland across to San Francisco.  It’s all about the changing light and fog, and is a local form of entertainment that beats what’s on air or online.

Typical Montclair View (Bennett Hall)

One of our Montclarion neighbors, Bennett Hall, recently stepped onto his deck and captured this extraordinary evening view.  When he shared the image today, I was simply amazed and had to pass it along – words don’t do justice to this surreal artwork.

Did we mention that we love Montclair?

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