Chase Bank Gets Crashed, In Front Door

There was big activity in Montclair Village this morning, when a car crashed into the Chase Bank branch at La Salle and Mountain.  Luckily no one was injured, but the front entrance and door are undergoing surgery and the branch remains closed until repairs are finished.

An elderly woman was about to park in front of the bank, but she drove a bit too far.  According to an eyewitness, she had been driving rather slowly, turned into the spot and hit the gas rather than brake pedal.  We saw her getting attention from Oakland police and medics, and she seemed shocked but none the worse for wear.

When the crash happened, there was another person using the ATM machine to the right of the entry.  Again the gods were kind and this person was spared completely.  The ATM machine looks unscathed, although it’s not working right now.

Chase, Tire Tracks

The door was completely wrecked and bent out, and there’s glass getting cleaned up everywhere.  The front entrance consists of a glass door as well as glass panels right, left and overhead. The workmen need to replace the glass, door and all-important locks…this being a bank and all.

Chase, Clean Up

What a mess.  We figure you need to go to the Chase branch at Broadway and Pleasant Valley, if you bank there.  Also think ahead and hit up another ATM, at least for the time being.

Reporting from center city, this is MontclairOak – over and out.

3 thoughts on “Chase Bank Gets Crashed, In Front Door

  1. Glad no one was hurt! Seems to be going around. La Farine on Fruitvale in the Dimond had its front smashed in the other week. It’s been repaired, but half the front was boarded up for a while. A friend that works there said someone had a seizure while driving, but the benches and other stuff slowed the car down so the impact was fairly low speed. But still enough to push half the front over a bit and break the windows on that side.

  2. Please, please, “ATM,” not “ATM machine.”

    And also, don’t know if you can control this, but the font for these comments is so terrible as to be almost unreadable. Can’t you use a nice san serif font same as you do for the actual articles? 🙂

    1. True, “ATM machine” is neither correct nor standard usage. What comes to mind is “shrimp scampi” which, as you know, means shrimp shrimp!

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