The Loneliest Fruit In Montclair

Usually, the Montclair Farmers Market conjures images of great looking fruit or veggies.  The reliable vendors show up with their seasonal cornucopias, along with all the other goodies.

Until now, I never considered how the fruit might actually feel.  What happens to the fruit during the Sunday market?  We came across these images taken by photographer Heather Jean, and they tell the story – and made us smile.

Farmers Market, Only The Lonely

In “Only The Lonely,” one luscious strawberry has been left behind and will never get consumed.  Don’t you feel a little sorry for the lone piece of fruit?

Farmers Market, The Disregarded

“The Disregarded” fruit are assembling together, and no longer lonely.  Why are these good-looking folks thoroughly abandoned and orphaned?

Farmers Market, Freckled Fruit

We are optimistic about the “Freckled Fruit,” properly displayed together.  These bashful and not-so-beautiful pears gather strength in numbers.  Don’t you think this fruit will go home with Montclarions?

Nothing like anthropomorphizing the fruit to make your day, hhmm.

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