Sea Lion Rescued In Our Watershed

Did you catch the news?  Another wayward sea lion appeared next to the Nimitz Freeway this morning.  The sea lion was hurt, and swam away from the San Francisco Bay for a little rest and relaxation.

Fortunately this creature will likely be fine, and is now in the hands of the Marin-based Marine Mammal Center for ministrations.  He (or she) seems like a fighter, at least based on this rescue mission video:

Sea Lion Rescued, Sept 14, 2009

What an appropriate “billboard” for Creek-to-Bay Day.

As you know, there are creek watersheds running from the the Oakland Hills to the San Francisco Bay, and many Montclarions work tirelessly all year clearing brush and restoring these ecosystems.

On Creek-to-Bay Day, Oaklanders will arrive en masse at 23 city-wide locations.  This workday takes place on Saturday, September 19th, from 9am through noon.  Here are nearby spots for Montclarions,  in the hills:

  • Beaconsfield Canyon – 2639 Beaconfield Place
  • Butters Canyon – Butters Drive
  • Dimond Park – Scout Hut
  • Joaquin Miller Park Nursery – The Nursery
  • Marj Saunders Park – Chelton & Ascot Drive
  • Oakland Zoo – Main Entrance, Arroyo Viejo Creek Sign
  • Shepherd Canyon Park – Escher Meadow

This time of year, everything should be pretty dry in the watersheds and perfect for toiling away.  With humans’ sweat equity, the native plants and animals are reappearing where they belong – as evidenced by this slightly confused sea lion, who decided to swim along the Nimitz.

Evening Update: We just heard that the sea lion had been bitten by a shark, and wasn’t in very good health after all.  The Marine Mammal Center euthanized the lion a little while ago, RIP.

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