How Do You Really Feel About Parking?

Well, there has been a lot of hoopla and reaction over Oakland parking changes and rate increases.  It’s not bound to stop for Montclarions, who will soon see village garage fees raised to $2/hour.  We just picked up on this ordinance amendment, which we believe confirms the City Council’s decision to increase fees in city parking garages.

We know there’s grumbling out there in the hills.  The Town Crier asked whether the new parking rules would drive away Montclair business, and some 90 percent said the tunnel’s looking more appealing to them!  With this response in mind, we wanted to know more – and have seven quick questions for you.

Survey Guy

In this parking preference survey, it’s pretty much a multiple choice affair.  Where do you park in Oakland and nearby burgs, and how often?  What are your attitudes towards the different Montclair Village options?  And finally, do you really intend to alter your shopping habits and locales?

Keep in mind that parking kiosk irritants will get fixed soon.  If you buy a ticket from a kiosk, then it will be good for the full time even if you are parked elsewhere in the village or city.  If you buy a ticket after 5pm, then you will have the option to buy three rather than two hours’ time.

Still with the rate increases overall, we are very curious about your collective reactions.  There’s nothing like sharing results from a scientific survey, skewed by whomever wants to vote.  Thanks in advance for your opinions, all.

One thought on “How Do You Really Feel About Parking?

  1. I filled out the questionnaire on this, generally expressing my view that this was much ado about nothing. For a very well-articulated position on the same thing, and on Allen Michaan’s campaign, see this guest post at A Better Oakland:

    Bruce Nye
    Member, Make Oakland Better

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