Fireworks Redux: Richmond and Oakland

We like our fireworks displays, with or without the fog.  Last year, we braved the fog and cold but the Oakland display was still worth checking out live.  This year, we are thinking about adding to our agenda.

Port Of Oakland Fireworks

Fireworks Oakland: We’ll head to Jack London Square on July 4th, and watch the Oakland fireworks from the estuary.  The sparks fly at 9:15 pm and continue for about twenty minutes.  Live music begins earlier at 7:00pm,  and features the Ben Oni Orchestra and the BluesBurners.  (Details here.)

Fireworks Richmond: This year, we’re considering hopping in the car and heading to Richmond’s Crainway Pavilion on July 3rd.  We like hearing a full symphony orchestra, and the Oakland East Bay Symphony will be doing their thing at 8:00 pm, and playing Souza with the fireworks at 9:30 pm.  (Details here.)

Either way, promise us you will get off your duffs too.  Don’t just watch the TV program at the National Mall in DC, or crane your heads from your hillside decks.  This is all about sharing some civic pride for a few hours, and it’s fun to ooh and aah with a live crowd.

No Firecrackers, No Fires

Come the end of July Fourth weekend, we hope there will be no fires.  It’s a bit more futile to expect zero firecrackers around the city streets, but we can hope for the best.  Keep in mind that fireworks are illegal, and Oakland’s Finest are trying hard to make this very clear.

Both cops and firefighters are relying on citizen scoops to make neighborhoods safe over the the next few days.  If you see anyone with the contraband, then call this anonymous fireworks hotline:  (510) 238-2373.

Fireworks Hotline

Right now it’s Christmas in July for the illegal fireworks sellers, and Oakland cops are already hard at work.  Gabriel Bueno Sr. was busted earlier this week, with over a ton of this contraband “believed to be the largest cache of fireworks ever seized in Oakland.”

On July 4th itself, the City of Oakland will activate their Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES).  In a recent call for HAM radio operators and supporters, Montclarion Doug Mosher said volunteers provide additional eyes and ears about “illegal fireworks activities and potential or actual wildfire situations.”

While not quite vigilantism, anyone living around Joaquin Miller Park is also encouraged to keep a watchful eye for cars parked at the perimeter after hours.  Please call the cops if you see anything that’s out of line.  Apparently local kids like to hang out and build bonfires all summer long, which is incredibly dumb.

Beyond Joaquin Miller, things have been fairly quiet in the Oakland Hills like last summer – so keep your fingers crossed for a repeat performance.