Goats Are Better Than People

Hands down, goats are better than people for weed-wacking duties.

In the East Bay, we rely on goat herds to prevent fires every summer.  They are willing laborers who eat away at weeds and overgrowth, and generally help keep us safe.  Right now, you can see hundreds of them perched across the hillsides near the Oakland Zoo – and they are a sight to behold.

Fire Prevention Goats

In contrast, Los Angelenos employ human beings to eliminate weeds.  Yesterday, some weed-wackers were working near the Getty Museum and sparked a severe brush fire.  Yes, the people attempting to prevent fires actually caused one.

This brush fire began Wednesday before 1pm, and is now 90% contained.  According the LA Times, the fire forced the evacuation of 1,600 Getty visitors and 800 employees, as well as 75 people at Mount St. Mary’s College nearby.  Several 405 Freeway exits were closed, though things may get back to normal fairly soon.

This time, Los Angeles folks were spared because the fire blew away from civilization.  However LA fires are just as prevalent as fires up here, and prevention measures do matter.  Maybe there’s a lesson learned:  Get rid of the people!  Rely on the goats as we do!

5 thoughts on “Goats Are Better Than People

  1. I emailed Goats ‘R Us in Orinda to ask about a small assignment – our property was heavily infested with thistle – and they don’t do small jobs. Pity. There is a market niche out there for someone with really good herding skills and a small herd for residential work!

    (About 10 person-hours later they were all dug up, but now there is a giant pile of drying thistle to haul out so it’s really not DONE yet. The eating/fertilizing part of a goat-enabled clearing is not to be denied!)

  2. I always thought of pooling several neighbors together and attacking our back slopes. It would not be a small job.

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