Mayor’s Race Begins In Montclair

Eight candidates have made it through the primary season, without too much fur flying.  Now it’s time to decide which beast will represent your interests in the Village.  Voting booths are officially open, and we encourage you to cast a ballot (or two) for Montclair’s next mayor.

Pet Mayor Contest 2009

What’s interesting is that two incumbents are on the ballot this year.  Current Mayor Gracie is running again as top dog.  Bella, a past mayor who’s now serving as canine commissioner, is also seeking to reclaim her spot.  They are well-known and often shake hands around the village.

Since there are eight candidates, they all deserve equal shakes.  Start by studying the candidate photos and their campaign promises here.  The other fresh and furry faces include Alice, Little Bear, Molly, Nitro and Rico.  Plus a turtle named Alex is making a slow and steady run.

It’s hard to pick from this august group, but no worries!  Each vote costs a buck, and there’s no limit to how many times you vote or who you vote for.  All proceeds go to the Pet & Wildlife Fund, which raised $15k last year to support injured wildlife.  The Montclair Veterinary Hospital fundraisers are hoping for a similar voter turnout this year.

Montclarions may either vote online or cast ballots at the Sunday Farmers’ Market voting booth – and maybe get a chance to meet the candidates in person.

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