Fine Art Returns To Montclair Village, This Weekend

The 34th Annual Fine Arts Sidewalk Festival is returning to Montclair Village this weekend, when our sidewalks come alive!  Stroll along Mountain, La Salle and Antioch to appreciate the artwork or acquire a treasure.

More than 90 professional artists from across the western US arrive here, after getting selected for this juried festival.  What we like best is the scale of the event, because it’s possible to meet the artists and learn what makes them tick.

You can expect a variety of painters, sculptors and jewelry makers in our nabe.  Below are some artists we discovered before, to whet your appetite for this year’s three-day show.

The sculptor, James Moore, hails from San Rafael.  He exhibited in Montclair last year, right in front of Le Bon Bon.  Moore’s pieces are all about guys who are unbalanced – or are balancing things.  Many of the sculptures are massive, and I want all of them.

Painter Kelvin Curry is from Oakland.  I think this piece above is elegant, don’t you?  You can see a video interview with Kelvin, who was inspired by his grandmother to become an artist.  He also likes to work in series, trying certain things over and over.

Jeweler Sica Roman wants to “create wearable art that can be recognized as symbols of our interconnectedness.”  This isn’t a piece you are likely to see everywhere, and I think it contains an evil eye and a serpent, hhmm.

We treat the Montclair Village Festival as a gallery or museum-quality stroll, and usually plan on spending a few hours wandering our streets.  This free exhibit is one of the highlights of living in the hills, where strollers are lucky to see the good stuff up close.  We also like to stand back and watch how other folks react to the art!

More info: Our 2009 festival takes place from June 26th – 28th. On Friday and Saturday, the hours are 10am – 6pm. On Sunday, the hours are 10am – 5pm.  It’s presented this year by the Montclair Village Association and Bay Area Newsgroup.