Re4m: New Gift Shop Without Guilt

One of the newcomers to the Village shopping scene this past week is re4m, pronounced “reform.”  It’s a place with high ideals, to “re-claim, re-source, re-invent and re-commit.”  All I know is that the shop features great gifts for friends or family, and nothing would destroy my budget either.

re4m location

The shop feels a wee bit like a museum store, as items have been carefully collected and curated from places scattered around the globe.  Currently the display window features handbags made from tire inner-tubes, which says re-use loudly.  Inside the shop, small handbags made from soda can pop-tops look surprisingly beautiful.

My favorite pieces are made from telephone wires (!) transformed into colorful, old-fashioned basket weavings.  If you’re not ready to commit to these pieces, then re4m offers a few cute wire animals created by the same artists.

Additionally, re4m carries some interesting Japanese do-it-yourself paper art where you make little sculptures from paper tubes.  There are greeting cards which can be planted for their wildflowers.  Some nifty kid-things are placed near the back.  All the items have a story from their makers.

Owners Ashesh Patel and Lisa Tana are very passionate about what they are offering to locals, but not overbearing in their green-first sensibilities.  The artistic aura of the place likely comes from Tana, who previously ran Desa Arts in Oakland.  Plus everything feels cool – it’s hard to describe so check it out during your next coffee or bagel run.

More info:   re4m is a sustainable living shop conveniently located at 2054 Mountain Blvd, Montclair Village.  You can reach them at 510-339-re4m (7346), and their website will be created shortly.

7 thoughts on “Re4m: New Gift Shop Without Guilt

  1. Can’t wait to check out this place on my next trip to the village. I need some birthday gifts soon, and this stuff sounds great.

  2. “nothing would destroy my budget”

    Kidding, right?

    $235 for a small rubber purse with some sort of resin handles that cut into your hand if you try and hold it.

    They must be giving rents away on Jamba Lane…


    1. Yes, those tire bags made me smile and did cost a pretty penny. How about “nothing that I really wanted there would destroy my budget” instead?

    1. Yes, Re4m was recently shuttered. We had received an email notice from the woman actively running the store, announcing her departure. She had originally partnered with another gentleman, so our fingers were crossed. R.I.P. to Re4m, June 2009 – February 2011.

  3. Hello,

    Just wanted everyone to know that re4m store went through some changes and is now OPEN with a new name, hatch. We’re a modern ecolifestyle boutique, staying true to the original concept (put into place two years ago). Our goal is to make a difference around the world by bringing in new, artistic designs with function, made from recycled/reclaimed, sustainable, organic and fair-trade sources. There is so much creativity around the world that we are constantly awed. Come and check us out anytime, for any occasion. We are also open longer hours for summer.

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