Acupuncture For Your Pets

Maybe this isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds!  Dr. Gary Richter has opened a new business, Holistic Veterinary Care, as an adjunct to his standard veterinary practice in the Village.

Yes, Fido and Fifi can now opt for alternative treatments when modern western medicine doesn’t work effectively.  Maladies like back pain or hip degeneration are experienced by our pets, and they can be addressed through holistic approaches.

Holistic Vet Care

Dr. Richter has begun offering alternative care for dogs, cats and other small creatures.  These treatments include acupuncture, chiropractic services, pulsed signal therapy and herbal/nutritional advice.

Some real-life successes?  Richter effectively cured Kettle, who suffered from renal failure, and Poppy, who had debilitating back pain – and both are thriving today.

More info:  I stopped by the vet’s busy office yesterday and confirmed they are accepting patients now.  Holistic Veterinary Care is located at 1969-B Mountain Ave (map) or call 510-339-2600.

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