Stadium Seats To Oakland’s Budget

Did you know there are some stadium seats now available to watch Oakland’s budgeting process?  There are three opportunities to join the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) for the City.

Keep in mind this is a citizen’s group which can make suggestions and recommendations, yet has no decision-making authority.  It’s not entirely clear what, if any, influence this committee has on the inner workings of the City Council.

BAC Recommendations 2008-2009

In this June report, the BAC members comment on mid-term budgeting efforts.  They received the Mayor’s recommendations and studied them a bit.  While they made a few fiscally prudent comments, they primarily requested more time, details and options.

With all the current budget travails underway, it still might be interesting to join the BAC and see how the budget processes unfold.  This is your chance to become an appointed observer and reviewer of the longer-term planning efforts too.

The BAC is comprised of 15 citizens who hold these seats representing city districts, a few other committees and the mayor.  In District 4, Sara Wynne occupies our local seat.

Currently there are three (of four) seats that are appointed by Mayor Dellums, and you’re welcome to apply by reaching legislative analyst Sabrina Landreth – and letting her know why you’re interested and qualified to serve a two-year term at:

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