Twittering About Montclair

Have you heard of Twitter?  It’s a way to send out short messages or “tweets” which your friends, family or colleagues can follow.  Communications are under 140 characters, short and sweet.

That said, I decided to search Twitter messages about Montclair.  It’s amazing how many different things are shared this way, but the most depressing one is below.  Are Montclarions really that snooty and awful?

Twitter Montclair

Most messages are straightforward, and simply trying to stay in touch with others:  “Time for coffee – anybody in Montclair area of Oakland?”  or “@devBear try our area Montclair in Oakland. You might like it.”

Others are a bit more profound: “At Montclair Park for the last time this month.  Family moving out of Oakland.  Weird thinking about being out of 510 after 10 years.”

It feels a little voyeuristic, since all the messages are public.  Thus if you decide to twitter, you will be giving shout-outs to those who care – along with the entire world.