Celebrating $2.50 Per Gallon

Among the three gas stations in the Village, one has finally dipped below $2.50 per gallon for low-test gas.  The independent station at Thornhill attained this milestone, while the two oil company-branded stations on Mountain are almost there.

Gas Prices

What a change from the sheer despair we felt back in June when prices were north of $4.50 per gallon.  Now that it costs just 55% of that sky-high amount, commuters can breath a sigh of relief.

According to U.S. Census data, some 62% of 94611 residents drive alone to work.  We travel to all compass points, and 25% spend at least 45 minutes commuting daily.  So declines in gas prices translate into meaningful savings.

Do we return to our gas-guzzling ways after work?  Do we hit the roads, California dreamin’ and all?  Hhmm.