Voting Day 94611: Where To Vote, See Results

Did you vote yet?  Assuming you are a good citizen and have already registered, then stop by your local polling place and pick your president, representatives, state propositions and local measures.

Polling places are open between 7:00am – 8:00pm, and you can find them by clicking here and entering your address.  I’m betting your precincts will be jammed, so bring something to read and eat while you wait.

For procrastinators, at least click through the California propositions and local measures before you show up.  Those automated calls and TV ads hardly present clear pictures of everything on the ballot!

Gracie Montclair Mayor

According to unconfirmed rumors, Montclair’s Mayor Condon will be making guest appearances at various polling places.  Since the mayoral race was last spring, our Gracie isn’t looking for votes but will gladly accept treats today.

After the polls have closed, my favorite spot for local results will be the Alameda County Registrar’s web site.  You can see the full list or drill down for election outcomes there.  A close second will be TV stations and web sites, although it’s not clear how quickly they will post the local results.

Anyway, it may be a long night…or not.

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