Experience Matters in Montclair Race

While Montclair’s Mayoral Race was tight, all ballots were counted and verified this afternoon.  The Montclarion pointed to the winner, Gracie Condon.

Gracie brings experience to the position. She’s been part of Montclair Village government for the past three years, most recently serving as vice mayor. Thus her win was well-deserved, according to her handlers.

Lee Richter, election administrator, explained that “a last-minute donation of $100 over the Internet finally put Gracie ahead by 46. It’s the closest election in the history of the contest.”

It was a competitive slate, filled with experienced politicians, newcomers and non-canines as well. Over $14k was raised for the Pet and Wildlife Fund this year.

Now what do we do at the Farmers Market…just shop?

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