Little Bear Bought The Mayoral Seat

The Montclair mayoral race is now over, and Little Bear has been elected as our new village leader.

Little Bear’s supporters bought the mayoral seat, as is customary in the dollar-a-vote system used locally.  The American Eskimo Mix received overwhelming support from village voters, with some 5,898 votes representing 30 percent of ballots cast.  In addition, Bear received 32 percent more votes than second place finisher Bella.

Our incoming mayor attributes the win to good looks and smarts, and guidance by campaign committee members from the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club and Crogan’s Restaurant.  Bear is new to local politics but quite experienced in private industry leadership roles, and will put those pack skills to work quickly.

The 2009 Pet Mayor Team

Official Election Results

According to the registrar’s blog, some 19,637 votes were cast and this represents nearly a 25 percent gain over last year’s election.  Clearly the Montclair electorate was energized about this race and wanted to bring in fresh leadership during 2009-2010.

Little Bear garnered 5,898 votes to become mayor.  The other candidate tallies included:  Bella (4,473), Molly (2,240), Gracie (2,017), Alice (1,858), Alex the turtle (1,126), Rico (1,070), and Nitro (954).

Runner-Up Plans

Outgoing Mayor Gracie recently tweeted that “I am now officially taking suggestions for doggie vacation spots. It has been a long campaign, & I’m ready to kick back and put the paws up.”  When she returns, the former mayor will take a more advisory role in Montclair politics and serve as furst officer.

As expected, Bella will stay active in village governance.  After serving as mayor back in 2007-2008, Bella has ably served as vice mayor and will continue in this new administration.  One local resident declared, “she is really like our city manager, with so much experience that helps incoming leaders.”

It will be interesting to see how Alex contributes to the new administration.  Montclair’s first turtle in office, Alex will become the conservation commissioner and we expect he will ensure that the local ponds and creeks continue to be restored to pristine condition.

The election is seen as a win-win for domesticated candidates and their wildlife cousins.  All election proceeds go to the Pet & Wildlife Fund, which supports medical care for both injured and orphaned wildlife.

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