Safeway Redwood: Impact On Montclair?

Safeway’s been slowly upgrading their Oakland stores.  They did renovate the Montclair location a few years ago, to give Lucky’s a run for their money.

Now the small, old Safeway on Redwood Road, at Lincoln Square, is getting its day in the sun.  Unlike other Oakland spots where potential upgrades would impact traffic and walking flows, this Safeway sits in the back of an existing parking lot.

Thus far, Safeway has asked for online supporters and their inputs.  Over 230 locals have already applauded the renovation news.  And now, let the quibbling over features and amenities begin.

Libby Schaaf, our District 4 Council Rep, is planning a meeting to gauge comments, ideas and concerns on a broader scale.  We think that’s a good move, given the hoopla with other Safeway renovations.

Montclarions probably don’t and won’t frequent this location too much.  Yet some of these new Safeway supporters, who live further East,  have mentioned they will stop heading to Montclair to shop.  We’re wondering if we should start getting concerned about how these improvements might impact our faire village.

4 thoughts on “Safeway Redwood: Impact On Montclair?

  1. The Montclair Village Safeway is HORRIBLE. DEPLORABLE!! A laugh in the face of Safeway, that Safeway in the Village should be shut-down. The dis-organization, and size of the Montclair Village Safeway is embarrassing. I cant wait for the Redwood Safeway to upgrade. I WILL NO LONGER FREQUENT the Montclair Safeway or Lucky once the upgrade takes place. SAFEWAY SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED THEY STILL HAVE STORES LIKE THE ONE IN OUR VILLAGE OPEN. They should re-brand the Village store as a Pack-and-Save, not their flagship brand of Safeway.

    P.S. Lucky, your store sucks too.

    — Long-time Village resident and hater of our current grocery stores

    1. Well Mike Voss, I’m afraid that most of Montclair Village would disagree with you.. And Safeway also. That store serves the village very very well with thousands and thousands of long time customers. It continuously is at the top with regards to Safeway standards in terms of friendliest, cleanliness and overall management. Is the parking a problem? Yep. Is the store small and not able to carry the selection that the larger ones do? Yep. But I guarantee you, you go there and you are greeted courteously and professionally. THATS what brings customers back to a store. You say it’s Dis-organized…which I’m not sure what that means.. if you mean disorganized.. I would have to disagree completely and so would the regular shoppers who continuously make that store one of the best in the east bay. You say that Safeway should be embarrassed by the size of that store…your remedy? Its pretty clear that the village does not want a MEGAstore anywhere near that area.. can’t build up (not in the interest of the views of the residents), can’t make it bigger (might affect traffic too much. If you want a solution to the traffic in that area why don’t you complain to AC transit about parking their bus’ directly in front of that store creating dangerous traffic sight issues. Just because you don’t like the store..well I’m guessing because it didn’t have something you wanted.. well that’s why you can drive to Berkeley and go to the Berkeley Bowl, or Whole Foods. You absolutely do not know nor did you provide any reasoning for your opinion other than your hot air…

      1. Hot air, for hot air buddy. YOU SAY “I’m afraid that most of Montclair Village would disagree with you” DID YOU TAKE A VOTE??? so basically that statement is hearsay. My reply is speaking on my behalf. Your reply is speaking on the “Montclair villages” behalf. Are you an official representative of the people of Montclair Village? — YOU SAY “why don’t you complain to AC transit about parking their bus’ directly in front of that store creating dangerous traffic sight issues” I dont care about AC transit parking in front of that store; you obviously do, so WHY DON’T YOU write AC transit? — YOU SAY ” It continuously is at the top with regards to Safeway standards in terms of friendliest, cleanliness and overall management.” I NEVER SAID IT WASN’T AT THE TOP when it comes to friendliest, cleanliness, or overall management.

        If you’re trying to argue with me. GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND TAKE A DEBATE CLASS. Otherwise, make a comment on the article like I did, not attack your fellow neighbor for his beliefs.

  2. While I don’t disagree the current Montclair groceries are marginal, it is beyond disingenuous for anybody to suggest that a mega-store at Lincoln Square has no impact on traffic & congestion.

    Yes, the current store sits at the back of a parking lot. It sits at the back of a parking lot that is also access and egress for the other (very busy) shops & Citibank at Lincoln Square. What Safeway’s proposing will all but block traffic flow from the upper driveway by the service station and cause huge traffic problems at the lower driveway by the church. (Technically, Safeway has no legal rights to the path from the upper driveway.)

    Nobody’s looking at a map or honestly assessing the existing congestion at Lincoln Square. The current Safeway driveway is just plain dangerous … there have been fatal accidents with people pulling out onto Redwood Road. It’s very narrow. On weekends and holidays, particularly Saturdays and Sundays, there are lines of cars circling around the parking lot and backed out onto Redwood Road (the two churches adjacent and across the street use the parking lot for overflow parking).

    Finally, it’s doubtful the residents on Westfield Way, Van Cleave Way and Terrabella Way are going to be thrilled with 24/7 roof parking on top of a new elevated building. Residents at Grand Avenue and Sunnyslope have had a constant battle with the “new” store there because Safeway is notorious for loud, long, gaseous deliveries in the middle of the night. They even use two lanes of Grand Avenue as a parking lot for their trucks!

    Careful of what you wish for and at least be honest about the impact of a mega-store in the limited confines of Lincoln Square.

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