Poor U.S. Bankers!

Did you hear the news?  This morning, there was a stick-up at the U.S. Bank branch in Montclair.  Fortunately, the bankers are fine.

Yes, just like the old days, the descendants of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid came into the Village and left quickly.  We’re guessing they haven’t left the country, this time.

The U.S. Bank branch, right in the heart of our Village, feels local.  Their employees had worked at a smaller bank, which was purchased by this major institution a couple years ago.   They continue to support and participate in all kinds of community activities.

Roger Vickery, Montclair Village Association (MVA) director, was able to speak with staff.  “No one was hurt but all were pretty shaken-up as you might expect,” he reported. “The bank was closed for the rest of the day while the OPD [Oakland Police Department] reviewed video and the crime scene.”

Go get ’em, OPD.

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