How 2010 Fared For 94611

To celebrate the last day of 2010, we decided to peer over our shoulders.  Denizens of Montclair fared pretty well, because there were no major natural or man-made calamities.  After some intensive analysis, we noticed an even distribution of highs and lows worth recapping for you.

Was it the economy, stupid? The recession hit individuals differently and privately. The Village took hits more publicly, with longer vacancies. Eventually, a couple new eateries opened their doors to keep us local. Thefts in the hills became more creative, arriving in small and very concentrated waves.

In Village politics, non-canines ran but a dog won the mayoral race because we didn’t take risks. It was exciting to consider a rat or two, but the classic chocolate lab, Murphy, is now in charge.

Montclair was fairly quiet, except for the arts, family, food, and holiday street fests — and we still like this mellow place in the city.

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